Area Rug Cleaning

At Reno Oriental Rug Wash we custom tailor our cleaning process to fit the type and state that each rug is in when it comes to us. We begin with a thorough inspection and discuss our recommendations for cleaning and caring for rugs with each client.

In addition to world-class cleaning, Reno Oriental Rug Wash can care for your treasured rugs with the following services:

  • Guaranteed Odor Removal
  • Stain Protectant
  • Moth Repellant
  • Rug Repairs, and more!

Our Cleaning Process

In our process we do a thorough inspection to look for potential cleaning issues and areas where repairs are needed. Rugs left in disrepair can not only lose value, but also get worse during the cleaning process.

Our Cleaning Process Steps

When we bring your area rug to our wash plant after the inspection we do the following:

  • A full dusting to remove the dry soil that the vacuum cleaner leaves behind.
  • We have the only Tumble duster in the State on Nevada, plus two other methods to remove dry soil.
  • Clean the rug in the safest manner possible (every rug has its own tolerances.)
  • Dry thoroughly. Some cleaning methods may take two days to dry properly.
  • As a finishing touch fringes are groomed and fabric protection is applied.
  • Any repairs are done prior to cleaning.

When we get the area rug from you we will discuss the various options to cleaning and repairing your rug, because we recognize that all rugs are not the same and have to be cleaned differently.

At Reno Oriental Rug Wash our primary concern is not to clean as many rugs as possible, but to clean your rugs right. So we limit the amount of Area Rugs we will take in each week. 


From Side Cords repairs to Fringe Repair and
Replacement, we have you covered.

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We offer pickup and delivery service of your area rugs.

Rumble Dusting

We utilize a state-of-the-art self-contained, self-cleaning, Rumble Air Duster to safely and effectively remove dust and dirt from your rugs.

Air Dusting

When needed, we use multiple methods to ‘dust’ your rugs to ensure that we remove as much soil as possible from the rug prior to any wet cleaning. Soil is very abrasive and can wear and damage the rugs. We work to not only improve the appearance of your rugs with a thorough cleaning, but to help extend the life of your rugs as well.

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