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Frequently Asked Questions

Can area rugs be cleaned in place in my own home?

Yes they can! And many carpet cleaners will also tell you that. But you don’t get the whole story or all the dirt out. Due to its natural fibers, which dry slowly, it can take a long time to dry properly. If left wet for long periods the rug can brown-out or discolor. In our cleaning plant we use commercial air movers and high heat to dry the rugs fast.

Why does Reno Oriental Rug Wash clean rugs out of the Owners home?

To clean an area rug properly they must be dusted to remove the dry soil. Remember when rugs were taken outside and beaten to shake loose the dirt? In our cleaning plant we have specialized equipment that safely shakes the dirt loose at 15,000 vibrations per minute. If we were to leave that dirt in the rug, when we got it wet it would turn to MUD. This is just part of the reason we clean area rugs in our plant.

Can pet accidents be cleaned from Wool Rugs?

Yes! But this has to be done in our cleaning facility. This process takes full immersion and allowing the rug to soak for a period of time to release any contaminates. It requires special cleaning agents to remove any odor or bacteria in the Rug.

Why do we recommend area rug padding?

For the same reasons we put pad under our wall to wall carpet. IT HELPS IT WEAR BETTER!
And it keeps the rug from sliding on your floor.

Watch our short video “Do I Need Rug Pad?” 

When can you expect the area rug to be returned?

We usually need a week for full cleaning and awhile longer if repairs are to be done. When repairs are done sometimes we need to go out and find the wool that matches your area rug. In some cases the repair needed is out of our scope and needs to be sent out to a larger plant, this will be discussed with you at the time of pickup.

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